Our Team

Mercedes Perez Whitman


Mercedes Perez Whitman is an urban farmer and citizen mycologist who practices earthworks in Colorado Springs. She is the founder of MycoSprings LLC, a mycologically-focused business that’s part of the landscaping cooperative OrganaGardens. Their work is embedded in improving land health by cultivating native, climate-relevant, and drought tolerant plants and fungi, alongside land, environmental and food justice advocacy.

Anna Wermuth


Anna is a myco-ecologist, artist, cultivator, and healer born and raised in St. Louis, MO. She loves to sing freely, cook experimentally, transform death into life, and explore the forests of the world. Anna received her BA in Organismal Biology and Ecology from Colorado College in 2019. She has volunteered with Food to Power and other Colorado Springs food equity efforts since 2015. Her favorite farms include Arcadia Urban Gardens (past) and Flying Pig Farm (present). Anna seeks to call upon the powers of composting, phytoremediation, and mycoremediation to co-create resilient soils and communities that are centered around the cultivation of food as medicine.