Redirecting "Waste" from the Landfill
Cultivating Food & Medicine
Fostering Community Mycology Efforts
Much like mycelium, we recycle nutrients as often as possible. We aim to "close loops" in the industrial waste system by reusing spent spawn blocks from our mycological partners, giving new life to woodchips and dead leaves, and turning paper products like cardboard and newspaper into substrates for mushroom cultivation. We even collect spent coffee grounds from our local cafés to give a nitrogen boost to the mycelium we are rejuvenating.
As we expand, we are establishing an indoor cultivation space to complement our outdoor growing efforts. We are deeply humbled and excited by our budding collaborations with medicinal fungi such as cordyceps, reishi, and turkey tail, among others. Thanks to mentorship from Megan Deaton of Megan's Mushrooms, we are also in the process of creating our own triple-extracted Lion's Mane extract––a potent brain & nervous system tonic for our community.
We seek to co-create spaces in which people of all ages and backgrounds can learn about mycology. We believe that everyone deserves access to educational opportunities that allow them to grow and discover their passions. Community mycology is an excellent way to nurture the collective spirit, strengthen food sovereignty efforts, and establish economic solidarity and mutual aid. Expanding our fungal networks is a beautiful part of this unfolding, and we intend to be a part of it.